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Unveiling the Storyteller

Ever since I was little, I have been in love with storytelling. The library was my favorite place to explore everything from learning facts about dog breeds to diving into a world of fantasy beyond my wildest imagination. My passion first carried into my writing skills. The first time I wrote a good story was about me processing the grief of losing my favorite neighborhood dog, and my teacher shared it with all her classes then aided me in pursuing advanced English classes. 


Moments like those drove me to study English Literature at the University of Houston. Here is where I learned more about what makes a compelling story - the language, the structure, the characters. I discovered the power of storytelling not only in works of fiction but in our day-to-day affairs. Through journalism courses and social media internships, I found that people crave to hear and share stories with the products and services they use.


I continually pursue my passion by working with businesses to build through their brand. Whether it is design, content creation, or marketing strategies, I lend a helping hand. There is certainly more to learn and discover in this industry, and I welcome every learning opportunity.  



By Allison Williamson


Past Projects

I look to the world around me for fresh inspiration, and each project I work on is a unique and fulfilling experience. With years of experience and love of the written word, I am able to adapt my writing style to suit the needs of my client, whatever the industry and project type, without losing my artistic voice. I invite you to peruse a selection of my most recent work. Get in touch for more information.


Behind the Leash

An investigative story into why certain dog breeds are labeled "aggressive" by nature.

A Business Building Connections

This is a profile assignment following Associated Press guidelines and style.



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