Image by Marvin Meyer

A Business Building Connections

August, 2018

Marketing through social media has been a make-or-break factor for many businesses, but thankfully for them, that’s where people like Michael Collazo come in.

After his graduation in December, Collazo, 24, has big plans to utilize his bachelor’s in corporate communications. He plans to expand his social media management company “to connect with more people and grow small businesses more organically.” 

“The biggest goal for the company is to inspire and connect people to work together,” Collazo said. “Competition is great, helps you create a sense of self-worth, but I feel like you can go beyond if you were to collaborate with a bunch of people to create something.”

The company, MAC, got its name not only from its three main objectives – marketing, advertising and consulting – but also its founder’s initials, Michael Anthony Collazo. MAC started in June of this year with just the founder working solo, and he explained the main goal for his future employees.  

“If I can get X and Y photographer to work on this project, and X and Y digital video maker to work together, then bring everyone together to make picture and videos one big thing, I think that’d be great for the small business paying for our service,” he said. 

Collazo was in an entrepreneurship course when he thought of his company. He, like many others, thought he could be doing more than part-time work and school. After some thinking, he connected the dots for his big idea. 

“A lot of small businesses don’t take advantage of social media, and if they are using it, they’re not using it correctly,” Collazo said. “I have a friend, Mel, and he’s an artist on Instagram. His artwork is phenomenal, but he only posts the title of what his art is. He doesn’t add the little hashtags to help him reach out.” 

Meanwhile, he has been working on his team by roping together experienced photographers, social media experts, video editors and artists. He said he had these connections from many of his classes as well as many longtime friends.  

“He’s a very warm, loving, caring person and will go above and beyond to make everyone happy,” said James Davidson, Collazo’s friend of 12 years. “His media management company is fairly new and only manages a few accounts… but I would trust Mikey to make it successful.”

Collazo currently saves up for his company through his work in Airbnb and Uber. In addition, he is on his way to working as a real estate agent, and the money from there will go into his business. During his last semester, Collazo builds his clientele and gains their trust. 

“You get a hundred nos before you get a yes,” Collazo said. “You have to keep on falling. Keep on being persistent. Don’t forget what you’re working towards.”